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Monday, 11 March 2013

Batak Samosir People (English Version)


by: Wendy Hutahaean

Batak Samosir People or sometimes called Batak Toba par-Samosir is a batak ethnic that live in Kabupaten Samosir of North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Long time ago, foreign people classify all people who live in North Tapanuli and Central Tapanuli as Batak Toba. However, there are five different batak ethnics that live in those areas which are Batak Toba, Batak Samosir, Batak Silindung, and Batak Sibolga. They have the same cultures and language with some differences because of geographical position and district division for decades. 

Traditional Clothes of Batak Samosir

A. The Land

The areas of Batak Samosir People covered some district (kecamatan) in Kabupaten Samosir, which are:

1. Kec. Harian
2. Kec. Sianjur Mula-mula
3. Kec. Nainggolan
4. Kec. Onan Runggu
5. Kec. Palipi
6. Kec. Pangururan
7. Kec. Ronggur Nihuta
8. Kec. Simanindo
9. Kec. Sitiotio

Kabupaten Samosir

Batak Toba People are related to Batak Samosir, Batak Humbang, Batak Silindung and Batak Sibolga because they were in a same regency of North Tapanuli. Sometimes foreign people classify those five batak ethnics as Batak Tapanuli. Some Batak Toba People has the same ancestor  with Batak Angkola and Batak Mandailing. For example, Nasution in Batak Toba and  Batak Mandailing come from the same ancestor. Siregar in Batak Humbang and Batak Angkola also come from the same ancestor. There are another ancestor similarity among those Batak ethics.

Traditional Dance of Batak Samosir

B. Marga

Batak Samosir People have "marga" that shows the identity of their original ancestor or family. This familiy name is derived from  father lineage (patrilineal) that will be continued to his male descent continiously. Female descent will follow the family name of her husband after mariage. The example of "marga" in Batak Samosir that live (marbona pasogit) in Samosir Island is Samosir who has five sons, Gultom, Sidari, Harianja, Pakpahan and Sitinjak. Those three "marga" occupied Pangururan district in Kabupaten Samosir.

1.    Marga Ambarita
2.    Marga Gultom
3.    Marga Gurning
4.    Marga Harianja
5.    Marga Limbong
6.    Marga Lumbannahor
7.    Marga Lumbanraja
8.    Marga Lumbanpea
9.    Marga Lumbansiantar
10. Marga Lumbantungkup
11. Marga Malau
12. Marga Manik
13. Marga Munte
14. Marga Maringga
15. Marga Manihuruk
16. Marga Nadeak
17. Marga Naibaho
18. Marga Naiborhu
19. Marga Nainggolan
20. Marga Napitupulu
21. Marga Pakpahan
22. Marga Pandiangan
23. Marga Pasaribu
24. Marga Rumahorbo
25. Marga Rumapea
26. Marga Rumasingap
27. Marga Rumasondi
28. Marga Sagala
29. Marga Tamba
30. Marga Turnip
31. Marga Saing
32. Marga Samosir
33. Marga Saragi
34. Marga Siadari
35. Marga 
36. Marga 
37. Marga 
38. Marga 
39. Marga 
40. Marga      

Traditional House of Batak Samosir

C. Language

Batak Toba language with Samosir dialect is the language spoken by Batak Samosir people in Kabupaten Samosir. Batak Toba language is also spoken by Batak Toba, Humbang, Silindung, and Sibolga with some different dialect. Batak Toba language is related to Batak Mandailing/ Angkola language that is spoken by Batak Mandailing and Batak Angkola people in the southern Tapanuli. Those two languages basically are similar with some different in dialect because of the separation of the regencies long time ago. Batak Simalungun language is also related to Batak Toba language.

The habbit of roaming all over the world is popular among Batak Samosir People. Because of the habbit, Batak Samosir People is well known everywhere. The term of "Horas", a greetings from Batak Toba, Samosir, Humbang, Silindung, Sibolga, Angkola, Mandailing and Simalungun is popular to greet all Batak people. Batak Samosir people is spreading all over Indonesia and Worldwide.

D. Religion

The religion of Batak mostly Christian that introduced by German Missionarist, IL Nomensen hundred years ago. The biggest Christian church in the world, HKBP (Huria Kristen Batak Protestant) comes from this area. There are only few people of Malim and Parbegu as the traditional Batak religion. Besides that, there are also few number of  Islam from interracial marriage.

Basically, Batak Samosir People live as vegetable farmer and fisherman, especially for people who lives around Toba Lake coast. Nowadays, they also work in different types job such as merchandise,  office jobs, in private and public sector. There are a lot of Batak Samosir People who become successful person in foreign country such as having an important position in government and having a successful business.


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